- Featuring Farms and Acreages For Sale in the Prairie Provinces of Canada

Your #1 website for selling your farm or acreage for a very low cost.

A website that will be viewed by many prospective buyers

An internet website set up for you to advertise your property 24 hours a day-seven days a week

Property will be on the internet until it sells to a maximum of two years

Property will be advertised in Western Producer and other newspapers

A website for advertising your property that gives you the option to pay most of the fees AFTER the sale of your property

Advertising costs;

Initial set up cost to put information and pictures on internet $200.00 plus taxes.
Final cost payable on sale of your property $500.00 plus taxes
This does not include any travel expenses.

Discount Bonus;

    Save $200.00!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pay all fees now for $500.00 plus taxes !!!!!!

To Advertise;


  • Payment by credit card through PayPal

  • Bank draft or certified cheque


  • Payment can be sent with your request to put ad on internet Refund within 10 days if not satisfied with ad


  • Send in your info with pictures and we will do an ad up first and e-mail a proof or copy to you to get your approval and then payment can be made and upon receiving payment the ad will be posted.


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